“Don’t Bug Me”- All Natural Bug Repellant Lotion

“Don’t Bug Me” All Natural Bug Lotion – A summer must have!

“Don’t Bug Me” – All Natural Bug Lotion

As you probably know here in Oregon we get A LOT of rain. So in summer when the sun peaks out from behind those gloomy rain clouds everyone runs to their favorite outdoor activity or location. I’m sure this is similar across most areas. One of the biggest issues with getting outdoors is having to swat away the pests (No! I don’t meant the kids! Haha!) every few minutes while you are trying to soak up all that good vitamin D, instead of having a great time. 

If you crave that uninterrupted outdoor time, we have the solution for you! One of our best seller products has always been the  “Don’t Bug Me” – All Natural Bug Spray. Now, we have another option for those of you who want to moisturize and keep the pests away! Introducing the NEW “Don’t Bug Me” – All Natural Bug LOTION!! It includes an aloe vera base and lavender essential oil, along with several other Essential oils you know and love, used in our original spray product to repel insects. It is all natural and DEET free. One of the main ingredients in all of our bug lotions, bug sprays & bug sticks is Lavender Essential Oil which is one of the top ten natural bug repellants. Check out this article to learn more: https://www.healthline.com/health/kinds-of-natural-mosquito-repellant. Our bug lotion is offered in a cute amber 4 oz easy squeeze bottle. 

Once you get all your necessities thrown in your backpack such as water, snacks, and sunscreen… oh, & of course don’t forget the bug repellant you ready to head out to your adventure!

Here are some of our Victoria’s Lavender’s Team’s favorite things to do & places to visit during the summer —

  • “Playing Pickle Ball (https://usapickleball.org/what-is-pickleball/) & walking on the beach https://stateparks.oregon.gov/index.cfm?do=park.profile&parkId=130” – Marilyn Thompson, owner. 
  • “My favorite summer activity (currently) is paddle boarding at one of the many lakes here in Bend and then we end the day with an outdoor movie in my backyard!” – Victoria Fuller
  • “For a quick weekend getaway my husband and I love to escape to Sisters, Oregon. Our favorite spot to stay is Five Pines Lodge. In the summer we always have our Victoria’s Lavender bug spray with us when we’re out hiking along the lakes or out at night sitting by the fire watching the stars.” – Shelby Lawson
  • “Fav summer trip is going to Joseph, Oregon for Joseph Days. Camping in my brothers yard, hanging out with family, bowing and going to the Rodeo!” – Lisel 
  • “One of the things I look forward to most is tent camping outdoors with the family. We try to go at least every other weekend once the good weather hits. One of the best places we have found so far is Timothy Lake.  The guys like to fish & the girls all float along the riverbank! For the other remaining weekends we are at youth soccer tournaments.” – Christen Werle, operations manager. 
  • “Hiking is my favorite activity. Mt. Hood has always been a special place for me. It offers me so much pease and tranquility. And the Alpine Meadows are filled with wildflowers….and bugs. Always have bug repellent and Victoria’s Lavender is the best. I use the spray but going to try the bug stick next time I’m out. Happy Hiking – get out there!!!” – Josie 

So, if you’re like us and you like to get out there into nature or just the outdoors in general, don’t forget to throw our Brand New “Don’t Bug Me” – All Natural Bug Lotion. Also if you are anywhere in the Pacific North West area make it a point to check out one of our favorite places / activities. You are guaranteed to have a blast and be protected in the process. 

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NEW “Don’t Bug Me” – All Natural Bug Lotion

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