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(11 customer reviews)
Lavender Sunburn Relief Spray
After Sun Spray $14.00$24.00

“Don’t Bug Me”- All Natural Bug Spray


Available in a 2 oz. Travel Size
and 4 oz. size
*Comes in NEW Brown Bottle*
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Read this blog post about our All Natural Bug Repellent products. 


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“Don’t Bug Me”- All Natural Bug Spray – One of our best sellers, this effective bug repellent spray is made from only natural ingredients. It’s safe for the whole family because we use no harmful chemicals like other bug sprays. Made with an aloe vera base and lavender essential oil, and a blend of several different essential oils known to repel insects like mosquitoes and black flies.

Available in travel sizes so you can take it with you on your next tropical vacation!

“Don’t Bug Me” has a pleasant fragrance, so you can get the protection you need without any harsh odors.

Check out this blog post to learn more! 

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2 oz., 32oz – Bulk, 4 oz.

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11 reviews for “Don’t Bug Me”- All Natural Bug Spray
  1. Elrike S.

    Our family is quite adventurous and we spend a great deal of time outside, so we’ve really searched for an effective bug repellant. This is it! Not only is it effective, it is all natural, so I can feel good about applying it to my entire family and eve to our pets!

  2. Natalie S.

    This is the best bug repellent!

  3. Mary Robertson

    I gave this stuff the ultimate test. Northern Wisconsin in the woods! Our state bird is the mosquito and we were outside, at night, with little children. NOT ONE BITE!!! It was amazing and smelled wonderful. (Even the guys wanted my stuff even tho they were sure it wouldn’t work. They were wrong!) It did work and nobody was covered in chemicals. I have it for us at home in Southern Wisconsin and am so grateful to have found such a wonderful healthy product! Thank you.

  4. Caitlin A.

    This stuff WORKS.

    I first heard about using lavender as a scorpion repellent while living in the Hill Country of Texas. One of the “side effects” was that it also worked as a bug repellant. When I moved to Oregon, I ran into Victoria’s at the local farmers market. HALLELUJAH! I’ve been using their products ever since.

    Last summer was one of the hottest in Oregon and I was pregnant. While everyone around me lathered on the DEET, I walked around smelling like a field of lavender. And I was bug free. Win-win in my book!

  5. A customer from New York

    I am thrilled to have discovered your natural bug spray. We like to eat out a lot, and often are in outdoor seating. Bug repellant is a must, and it’s so nice to have something to spray in a public setting that smells pleasant.

  6. Deborah

    I walk early morning in Florida. This works love it

  7. Lodell Halvorson

    This is the best smelling bug repellent I’ve ever used! Love it!!

  8. Phyllis McCanna

    I gave this bug spray to a friend who is outside in the garden every day and never uses any chemicals – she loves it.

  9. Joyce D.

    Living in Houston, Texas, we get a lot of rain, and have plenty of mosquitoes. I use insect repellent all the time, but still get bitten. I am allergic to insect bites, and the bites get red, swollen, and itch for days!!! I used your product the same day I received it, and went outside. I didn’t receive any new mosquito bites!!! I am IMPRESSED!! I WOULD RECOMMEND YOUR PRODUCT TO EVERYONE THAT HAS BEEN SUFFERING AS I HAD BEEN!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! I am a very satisfied customer!!

  10. Amy Lou

    In N. Idaho we have biting black flies. They do not like Victoria’s Lavender bug spray. I wear it all day, everyday. I also spray it on my dog. I love that I can spray it on my hair, ears, face….because that’s where the flies like to bite. I buy the 2pack’s and share with my friends. “Don’t leave home without it”.

  11. BJ Kinkade

    I have five dogs and I love this for fleas and making them smell great! THis is an awesome company and when there is a problem with the order they take care of it quickly and do everything in their power to make you happy!!!!

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