Lavender Essential Oil

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100% pure, uncut lavender essential oil.  A very high quality pure essential oil.



The finest quality lavender essential oil. Packaged in 15 and 30 ml glass bottles, this is the same pure, therapeutic grade essential oil we use in our products. It can be used in aromatherapy diffusers or in very small amounts for aromatherapy treatments (headaches, insomnia, first-aid as an anti-bacterial, etc.)


100 % pure Lavender Essential Oil. Imported from France.

4 reviews for Lavender Essential Oil

  1. Leo Eckenrode

    Love the lavender oil. Every time I open the bottle the wonderful fragrance is like having a bit of Oregon flood my senses! Awesome! 👍❤️👍

  2. Christine F.

    I can really tell the difference in quality of this lavender essential oil. Just a few drops goes a long way. As a quick stress reliever, I rub a little into the palms of my hands and breathe in the aroma. Very relaxing!

  3. Marilyn Thompson

    We’re sorry to hear that happened! Our 30 ml bottles have stoppers (reducers), but unfortunately we are unable to find them for the smaller size bottles.

  4. Phyllis Podhajsky

    The oil was great but the bottle had no stopper and I lost most of it on 1st use.

  5. Elrike S.

    We LOVE this lavender essential oil and we use it almost daily. It has so many benefits, and we use it for rest, headache or allergy relief, stress relief and more!

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