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(20 customer reviews)

“Sweet Dreams” Linen Spray


NEW! Now available in 2.5 oz. travel size and 32 oz bulk size. Our linen spray is made with lavender essential oil, not just floral water like most linen sprays which is why its fragrance is unsurpassed.


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Use our “Sweet Dreams” Linen Spray on your sheets and pillows to help you relax and get a better night’s sleep. Use in your guest room as a wonderful fragrance to welcome your guests. Comes in an 8 oz aluminum spray bottle. Now also available in a 2.5 oz. travel size, so you can take it with you to freshen up your hotel room.

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2.5 oz., 32oz – Bulk, 8 oz.

20 reviews for “Sweet Dreams” Linen Spray
  1. Elrike S.

    If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, this is the product to choose. We use it on our pillows and sheets routinely. It leaves a soft scent along with the wonderful benefits of Lavender!

  2. Lynn

    Very nice! Love to spray this on pillow cases.

  3. Jill Sorensen

    We got some of your linen spray at the SIP this year and LOVE it!!

  4. Sarah M.

    Love the linen spray! It has definitely helped my sleep issues with just the right amount of fragrance. I also spray lightly on bedding before putting it away.

  5. Liz

    I decided to try this spray to help me get back to sleep when I wake during the night. Very pleased and surprised that it actually works. Three short sprays on my pillow, breathe in the nice lavender scent, and in no time I am back asleep. I then sent one to a friend who is in hospital for the next few weeks, and then got one for my guest room. It’s a lovely scent, true lavender.

    • Victoria Thompson

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We are so glad to hear you like it.

  6. Julia P

    I have never used essential oils in my life because I thought they sounded silly and a waste of time and money. I have fibromyalgia and have not slept well in months. I have tried everything known to man to help me sleep. In a desperate moment I bought this Lavender Pillow Spray, I even laughed to my husband about how silly I was being when I sprayed it on my pillow the first night. I am mystified but this stuff put me out like some kind of magic potion and when I did wake up to use the bathroom I just sprayed it again and fell right back to sleep. I have used it every night for 6 nights now and it works like a charm and I’m even having dreams again! The seller is also easy to contact and very nice to speak with. Their phone number is right on the bottle. I’m super happy I purchased this product and will continue to be a customer.

  7. Ingrid B

    Wonderful scent! Smells EXACTLY like lavender, unlike another product I had that was more a lavender/perfume-ish smell. Very relaxing and pleasing.

  8. C. Sawyer

    Never heard of a linen spray till I got this and used it. Fell in love with the scent of lavender as I go to sleep. The scent is restful and soothing, true. It’s supposed to help you get to sleep. Maybe…. But mostly it just smells GREAT.

  9. Kat

    I’ve just had night number two of spritzing my pillow and sheets with this wonderful spray. There is even a lightly, lingering fragrance leftover this morning. I’ve slept better both nights. I look forward to finding other products you might offer. I definitely am signing up for your newsletter. Thanks for the best quality lavender spray I have ever used!! Keep up the good work. I admire your story as well, and wish you continued success. Take care.

  10. Carol P

    For the past several years I’ve suffered from sleep issues. I resorted to over the counter sleep aids which I didn’t like using on a regular basis. Recently a friend stayed at a hotel that provided a sample of lavender pillow spray (unknown brand). They said it was a nice experience. So I researched lavender and found Victoria’s Lavender. I was impressed by the the pure natural product. I have used The spray for 2 weeks now and honestly have slept every night without any other medication. I sleep calmly and wake up fully rested. This spray has a wonderful mild scent. I am eternally thankful for Victoria’s Lavender Spray! It will never leave my bedside!

  11. C.M.

    This is a wonderful product. The scent is there but not over powering. We use it every day and love it.
    This is the best lavender spray or mist we have ever found.
    We love that it is made in the USA. What a brave woman and her family to have continued on even with such difficulties to overcome.
    We will purchase again.

  12. Lis

    I buy everything Lavender and use it on linens to keep bedrooms fresh. I am happy with organic essential oil and 2 other linen sprays. But this one is best. Victoria’s Lavender Sweet Dreams Linen Spray is delightfully large and very fine mist LAVENDER scented. Made in Oregon by hand, a family project developed to comfort an ill husband. We love it.

  13. Kristen M

    I received this lavender spray in wonderful condition. It was packed in a very nice cardboard box with a bubble wrap and a very nice business card. I was not giving it as a gift, as it was for us, but if it was to be a gift, it made a very nice presentation. The smell is very nice, not too strong, but definitely lavender. It’s not wet or drippy. It sprays out in a very nice mist. I’ve been very pleased with this lavender spray and would definitely purchase it again! Thank you for making such a quality item!

  14. M Martin

    I sprayed it on my bed last night and noticed I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night like usual. I feel it eased my anxiety and helped me sleep peacefully. Lavender is known for this, but I’m trying another sprit tonight to see if the same happens. If so, then I know the aromatherapy was the reason. Even so, it was such a nice fresh scent and great quality.

  15. Kim

    I suffer from arthritis and have problems falling asleep. I read to use lavender on your pillow and it will help relax you. I tried a bottle of Victoria’s lavender spray and was amazed at how much it did help to relax me. I bought three more bottles, one for me and two for gifts. It lasts, but is not too strong. It doesn’t stain my white organic cotton sheets. I’m very pleased and will continue using her spray lavender.

  16. D White

    After the third conversation with my friends on the wonders of lavender scent spray for sleep issues, I decided to give it a try. My process is to spray my pillow and the sheets closest to the pillow about 10 minutes before I will actually get into bed so it’s dry. This spray dries very fast and has enough scent to work without overpowering. I could tell a real difference the very first night and have it on my short list to rebuy when it runs out. It’s a very generous size for the price and I think it would be a great hostess/birthday/just because gift that is an affordable luxury.

  17. Collin

    Love this stuff! It smells so good! Spray it on my pillows and it soothes and relaxes me right away.

    • Victoria’s Lavender

      Thank you so much for sharing, Collin! We love hearing feedback from customers like you!

  18. tonks4me

    Not all lavender products are created equal and this one is like no other…the very best and finest! I love lavender and have tried many “lavender” products over the years so I feel very confident in saying Victoria’s Lavender takes it to a whole new level.

  19. Morgan

    I have not used it on my pillow yet, as I just got it as a gift from the wonderful staff at my cancer treatment center for completing my treatment and officially being cancer free. This is the first smell I’ve been able to truly smell in over a year. It’s so relaxing just to smell it while looking into their other products. I am happy to say, I will be purchasing other products and I love this product already! Thank you!


    Very subtle, not overwhelming like some of the other brands of linen sprays that I’ve tried in the past. Also, we live in the country and routinely take our dog for long walks in the woods so now we use the body spray and lotion to keep away ticks, mosquitos, etc after being told that lavender was a natural repellent. I was skeptical because my husband is a real “tick magnet” and I wondered if this stuff was going to work for him. Now we are both converts!!! We keep a bottle of the spray and lotion in our truck!! Who knew? Thank you for making an exceptional product.

    • christen

      Hi Marla! We are so happy to hear you are enjoying the Lavender Linen Spray. That is so awesome that you found multiple uses for the product. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Warmly, The Victoria’s Lavender Team. 💜

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