Lavender Linen Spray

Lavender Linen Spray – What is all the buzz about?

Lavender Linen Spray

Have you ever tried using lavender linen spray, sometimes called pillow spray? So what is the buzz all about?  Find out from our founder and owner why our linen spray is one of our top sellers. 

“Our Lavender Linen Spray works for probably 85-90% of the people who purchase it. Those that do love it… REALLY love it. We literally have thousands of testimonies from very satisfied customers. Some tell us that they are getting the best night’s sleep they have ever gotten. The thing with lavender is that it is known for its aromatherapy for relaxation and for sleep. It is interesting, though, because it doesn’t seem to work for everybody. There are around 10% who say that it doesn’t work for them, and it really is true. And then there are those who say that they haven’t ever slept better! Also true. It seems to have something to do with our individual chemical make up.  For some people it really is an amazing find to have lavender in their repertoire of products for aromatherapy and as a sleep aide. 

“For the past several years I’ve suffered from sleep issues. I resorted to over the counter sleep aids which I didn’t like using on a regular basis. Recently a friend stayed at a hotel that provided a sample of lavender pillow spray (unknown brand). They said it was a nice experience. So I researched lavender and found Victoria’s Lavender. I was impressed by the the pure natural product. I have used The spray for 2 weeks now and honestly have slept every night without any other medication. I sleep calmly and wake up fully rested. This spray has a wonderful mild scent. I am eternally thankful for Victoria’s Lavender Spray! It will never leave my bedside!” -Carol P.

Lavender Linen Spray

One of the things about Victoria’s  Lavender linen spray is the way it is made. Ours is different than most of them. Usually it is made from the lavender water that comes off the stills, also known as hydrosol (Check out this blog post on Hydrosol by our other company, Tumalo Lavender). When lavender oil is extracted from the lavender plant it’s done through a steam distillation process. There is a whole lot of water that comes through along with the oil. The common thing to do with the water, which does have a decent lavender smell to it, is to turn it into a linen spray. However, I have never personally liked linen spray made that way. I think it has too much of a plant or earthy smell to it because it has all the stems and leaves in the distilling process. So when I went to make our linen spray I chose to make it only with the essential oil and then we add it to water. That seems to give a more true / pure and a very nicely fragrant scent to the linen spray.

The way people like to use it is to spray it on their sheets and pillows or even just the top part of their bedding before they go to sleep. Lavender does tend to evaporate fairly quickly, so you wouldn’t or shouldn’t expect to last all through the night. If it is going to work for you, you will find that you will be asleep within the 15 minutes on average that it takes for you to relax and fall asleep using our linen spray. You most likely won’t notice the scent when you wake up in the morning. We have also done experimenting & have lots of testimonies as proof that it doesn’t stain your linens, even your organic cotton or your best linens. Lavender oil is not really an oily oil as such. 

“I suffer from arthritis and have problems falling asleep. I read to use lavender on your pillow and it will help you relax. I tried a bottle of Victoria’s lavender spray and was amazed at how much it did help to relax me. I bought three more bottles, one for me and two for gifts. It lasts, but is not too strong. It doesn’t stain my white organic cotton sheets. I’m very pleased and will continue using her spray lavender.” Kim

Besides people spraying it on their pillows to help them sleep, we have heard lots of different ideas of ways that people use it. Some people use it in their guest rooms to spray for their guests. They also appreciate the fact that the bottle it attractive, that it is aluminum and not plastic. People also spray their furniture like their couch. Some spray their dog bedding. We have even seen a testimonial of a customer having an ant issue. They sprayed the ant trail with the linen spray and the ants disappeared. Someone described spraying it in their hands, rubbing them together and then petting their puppy to help relax him. Others use it in their children’s room to help them relax and go to sleep. The thing is that there are no toxins in it. We don’t use alcohol, we don’t use any chemicals. We make it with just three ingredients: lavender essential oil, water and a blending agent to keep it mixed. We still recommend shaking before each use though. 

We love hearing how many people have been able to use our linen spray to help discontinue using sleeping aides. It was also very rewarding to hear the story of a daughter who gave it to her mother who was in a nursing home and who was having difficulties. This helped make all the difference in the world to help her relax and get a good nights sleep.”

-Marilyn Thompson, Owner & Founder


“This pillow spray is amazing!! It smells sooo good and had the perfect mist. Very relaxing and even comes in a great size. The best thing is that this was made by a small family business, which I didn’t even know. They send you a nice thank you email. I was already super impressed with this spray, but that sealed the deal. The Thompson family has a customer for life! ☺️” – Jen (Verified Purchase / Amazon)
“I love this stuff! I’ve had problems sleeping since i was a teenager and methods were temporary but this you make I’ve been sleeping all day, slept a whole 8 hours at the wrong time of the day, maybe i needed it. I love your product and thank you, thank you.” – Boom_Shaka (Verified Purchase / Amazon)

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