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Give Back Program

Victoria’s Lavender – Give Back Program

A long time vision is coming to fruition here at Victoria’s Lavender! This will be an opportunity for us to partner with our customers in giving back. Every time a customer (that’s you!) leaves a review on our website, we will donate $2 to a non-profit of our team members choosing. Each month one of our team members will be selecting a non-profit they are passionate about to benefit from this new program. Every time you leave a review on our site, you are making a difference in the lives of others.

How to leave a review and participate in our give back program: 

  1. Go to the product page of the product you are reviewing. 
  2. At the bottom of the page, select “reviews”. 
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the reviews where you’ll see a yellow box to add a review.
  4. Enter your name, email, your star rating and your review.
  5. Select submit.

There is no limit on how many reviews you leave.  We are notified for every review submitted and will be donating$2 for each review! We sincerely appreciate your support and your feedback, it helps us with product development, perfect recipes, and gives our team members high fives for all of their hard work.

We will announce on our social media the non-profit beneficiary for the month and we will also add to the list below! We’re so grateful we can give back to organizations that are making a huge difference in lives locally and all around the world. 

March 2021 non-profit:

To kick off our give back program, we will be donating to the Eric Marsh Foundation for the month of March. One of our team members, Blaine, is a wildland firefighter. He joined us this winter in his off-season. As he is heading back out to fight fires in Arizona for the summer, we wanted to support his non-profit for the month of March! So head on over to your favorite products on our website, leave a review, and let’s support this non-profit that supports wildland firefighters and their families.


April 2021 non-profit:

Our teammate Sean selected the non profit beneficiary for April! We will be donating to the Oregon Food Bank.  So head on over to your favorite products on our website, leave a review, and let’s support this non-profit that supports our community. Everyone deserves health and fresh food, and no one should be hungry. 


May 2021 non-profit: 

Victoria's Lavender Family Dog
Archie, Victoria’s dog, was rescued from Oregon Dog Rescue!

We had a few submissions for different animal shelters & rescues from our team so we decided we can’t pick just one! At Victoria’s Lavender, all of our employees have dogs but we want to support all animals so this month we will be donating proceed to local animal shelters! Extra points for those who comment on our social media as well. Make sure to keep an eye as those posts come

up since we will donate a specific amount of money for likes and comments. Just another great (and easy) way for you to give back!



Stay tuned for next month’s non profit…

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