Victoria's lavender sunburn relief spray

Lavender Sunburn Relief Spray

Lavender Sunburn Relief Spray
Cool down your skin after sun, workout, or hot flashes with this all natural lavender sunburn relief spray.

Aloe Vera and Lavender essential oil are natural and effective anti-inflammatory agents. Together they create the perfect mix for an everything spray! While there are many uses for this spray, here are some that we recommend:
  1. Lavender Sunburn Relief SpraySunburn relief spray – Refresh yourself after a day in the sun and especially for after sun care. Safe for the whole family and pets.
  2. Moisturize your skin – Cool down and moisturize your skin with this all natural spray made with organic aloe vera and anti-inflammatory 100% pure lavender essential oil. You can also try it as a face toner. 
  3. Hot flashes – Amazingly effective to cool down after a hot flash. Just spray the face and neck for instant relief. Keep on your night stand or in the refrigerator for extra cooling.
  4. Post workout – Finish Your Workout With a relaxing and refreshing Body Mist.
  5. Rashes and insect bites – People have also found this to be effective in cooling down rashes such as poison oak, hives or insect bites. 



  • “I just got this spray yesterday & already am in love! Having terrible issues with hot flashes through out the day & night. This spray is wonderful. Helps cool & calm me down. When you suddenly become very hot for no reason & your inner core heats up, it makes you anxious. The scents of this spray have a very calming result for me. We live in FL so this will really come in handy this summer. It doesn’t leave me feeling sticky or greasy either. So impressed with your product!
    Ordering again 8/3/20 as this is fantastic cooling spray!!! It just works! ;- }” – WH
  • “After every trip outside I douse myself in this after the shower. Even with bug bites it helps take the sting out. Love this spray and it’s cooling effect. And the smell is wonderful!” – A Gradek
  • “Bought this spray through Amazon when I was looking for help with hot flashes. I am in love with the smell & quick cooling/calming effect it has. Love your website & great products.” – Pamela

You can grab a bottle here: Lavender Sunburn Relief Spray

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