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(10 customer reviews)

Room Fragrance – Lavender


Our Lavender Room Fragrance can be used in every room in your home. Great for the classroom, too, with its calming properties. Now available in an eco-friendly bulk size to refill your bottles.
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Our Lavender Room Fragrance is made with therapeutic grade lavender essential oil. All of our room fragrance sprays include lavender essential oil. Lavender has anti-bacterial properties so it doesn’t just cover up odors but actually cleans the air. Non-aerosol spray makes it safe for the environment.

Keep this lavender room fragrance spray on hand to refresh stale air or to clear airborne germs when someone in the house is ill. Some customers use it instead of Febreze as a more natural way to eliminate odors.

Lavender is the most versatile of all essential oils. The fragrance is calming, relaxing and balancing.

7 Fragrances to Choose From

You may also like our other room fragrance sprays, that blend lavender with other essential oils such as eucalyptus mint, vanillarosemary, lemonsage, currant and lime.

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10 reviews for Room Fragrance – Lavender
  1. Kathleen Jennings

    I keep one in each bedroom, office and bathrooms … such a clean calming scent! Love

  2. Christine

    We have 3 cats, so keeping the air fresh in our home is really important. Knowing that this room fragrance is all natural and won’t harm our animal friends is key. It works so much better than sprays like Febreze!

  3. Robert F

    Lavender is not meant to roll in a fog replacing the atmosphere. This room spray is an ESSENCE and that means the antibacterial and antiviral and calming properties of real lavender are present for YOU to enjoy as the atmosphere to then go about your life. IF you want something like a heavy musk or rose perfume, buy that instead. I LOVE THIS STUFF! I grow it (seasonally) and appreciate “atmosphere” and what this essence does for me. My eau de cologne from Italy (no longer available from Great Britain) of lavender cost $150. and THIS smells every bit as good for LESS than $10. and LESS than other lavender room sprays I tried on AMAZON, that actually are not lavender, actually do STINK.

    BUY it. It is worth the treasure of lavender and the care these people put into making this, in organic respect, in small batches for quality control, even as the world loses more and more of its lavender fields, making the beauty of this lavender a real treasure for YOUR happiness.

  4. MS

    I have been searching for years to find a lavender pillow spray and room spray as good as what I used to purchase when I lived in the UK and went directly to the lavender fields to purchase product. Since returning and running out of my lavender products, I have been very unhappy with products purchased her in the US. The quality of scent was not the same. That is until I found Victoria’s Lavender. These products rival those I used to buy in the UK. My grandkids always associate the smell of lavender with me and their mom’s would always know by their scent that they had napped or slept in my bed. Finding these products has made me and my grandchildren very happy! I will keep coming back for more!!

  5. Cosmo

    I usually don’t write product reviews, but i just love this so much I had to share. It is a beautiful rich lavender scent. Sometimes i just spray it to enjoy it. It is very calming. The bottle is a pump spray. I recommend up to 10 pumps to get a nice deodorizing effect. We use it at work, and it adds a touch of elegance. The bottle and label fit a modern and classy sensibility. I will use this again for years (which is actually my motivation for writing this: that i support them to stay in business so i can enjoy it!).

  6. T Vogt

    As a picky person about scents, it is hard to add any into my home. Yet I found I am really enjoying this particular lavender scent ,which I use in my office and home, to accent the areas where I want it to feel more fresh and welcoming. Lavender is also so soothing when you want things to feel calm around you. That said, I am very happy to have found this scent by Victoria’s Lavender.

  7. JB

    This product is the purest lavender scent I have found on today’s market. I have worked with essential oils and have tried myself to make a true, long-lasting lavender fragrance. While this spray is certainly lovely, it doesn’t last as long as I had hoped; nevertheless, I gave it 5 stars as nothing else on the market lasts as long.

  8. J+S

    We are old-people with varied desires in scents. Since my youth, lavender has reminded me of my grandmother’s house and unpleasant times. But once I rediscovered lavender as an adult, I began to fall in love with it. My husband didn’t want lavender sprays for pretty much the same reason until I stumbled upon your lavender/fir spray that I introduced a Christmas. We now keep it and plain lavender throughout the entire house, especially it the bath where it doesn’t just cover up odors, but elements them. Victoria’s sprays are the only spray we use. Thank You.

  9. Jo

    I bought this as a bathroom spray and I love the lavender scent. The scent is light and smells like real lavender. I dislike scented candles and all bathroom sprays. This is the first spray I have found that smells like the natural plant and is not overpowering!

  10. Sylvia

    I use it in the Bathroom. I like that it’s not aresol. It’s just a lovely scent, not overpowering. Doesn’t make me sneeze. It’s nice to use even if not “needed”. Lovely in the bedroom, hall, living room, entrance way…I’ll need more because I love it. Thank You for your efforts in producing it. God Bless your family. . hugs.

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