Soy Candle – Blackberry Lavender

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3 reviews for Soy Candle – Blackberry Lavender

  1. Karen

    This candle was my “calm” during the recent hurricane Harvey! As the flood waters rose and my home quickly filled with friends that had flooded … I kept this blackberry lavender candle burning. Over the course of a few days, I did burn through several, but I honestly say this magical soothing scent made the days and nights much easier. Thank you for this wonderful product!

  2. Maddie B

    As always, long lasting quality (and delicious!) smelling products!

  3. Elrike S.

    These candles last such a long time, and they smell heavenly!

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Environmentally friendly and clean-burning, soy is a renewable resource that is a healthier alternative to traditional wax candles. Soy not only burns without creating black smoke that can discolor walls, it burns cooler therefore lasting longer than most candles. Expected burn time is around 40-45 hours.


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