What’s your Victoria’s Lavender story?


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amysilvermanfitness I get emails all the time from companies asking me to promote “skinny tea” or “teeth whitening” products/etc in exchange for a code & kick back. Nothing against accounts who do this but I’d much rather promote small businesses, rad clothing lines and products I actually use!! That’s what you guys want! Right?? Right! I will never tell you if you drink this, you’ll look like that! Or if you put some cream on your face you’ll magically be acne free. It takes hard work & dedication to achieve optimal health & results! Inside AND out. I work my ass off and have for years to have the lifestyle I have & won’t just give credit away…but what I will do is promote hard working, entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams. People who found something they LOVE and are putting their hearts & souls into it!! I first stumbled upon @victoriaslavender when I was living in #PDX a few years back at my local #farmersmarket Back when I was still broke but splurged at her stand on myself. I don’t know about you but #lavender is one of my favorite scents!! It relaxes you, heals zits, open wounds and reduces inflammation. It helps with sleep and is easily one of my top 5 favorite flowers. All her products are handmade from her farm and divine! When I do a mini-home spa night these are the products I use! When I travel, I always have mists for my face and this handy little oil to keep me calm & collected. Go check out her sight! What’s your favorite scent!!? #handmade#diy #natural


A great clip from a fitness/fashion guru. It’s people like her and all the rest of you that make our business a true blessing. We love that even as a small business we are able to make an impact all around the globe. What’s your Victoria’s Lavender story?